Saturday, September 25, 2010


Fall is certainly in the air in Stowe, Vt. The leaves are starting to explode in bright shades of yellow, orange and fiery red, and on cold enough nights streams of smoke snake from chimneys into the crisp air. After such a hot and humid summer, I'm welcoming the Fall with cozy sweaters and a head full of baking ideas for pumpkin and cinnamon. Yum!

The arrival of fall was also a shocking reminder that I have neglected to update anyone on Le Petit Lapin all summer. Now that markets are winding down, I'm slotting off some time for this blog.

This summer I sold at the Barre, Waterbury and Stowe Mountain Resort Farmers' Markets. Barre and Waterbury are the 'grocer' type of market meaning they attract locals looking for fresh vegetables to cook up for dinner. The market at the mountain is a 'grazer' market in that it attracts tourists interested in snagging local jam, maple syrup or crafts to bring back home.

All three markets turned out well for me. I developed a small local following at the Barre and Waterbury markets. It was fun talking with the same customers each week and introducing new products to keep interest high. Financially speaking, the market at the mountain was far more successful due to the larger amount of customers, especially children, as well as the nature of the market. I sold many bags of cookies intended for car rides home or mid-hike snacks. Needless to say, I enjoyed all three markets and thank my repeated customers for their loyal support.

In addition to selling at markets, I am currently selling cakes and fruit tarts to a coffee shop in town. From this outlet, I attracted the attention of a local chef when he sampled my lemon curd cake in the coffee shop. I am just starting to supply his restaurant with cakes and hope to expand my partnership with him in the future. I have another local business owner interested in buying my fruit tarts to serve at her tea garden next summer. Lastly, I have some happy non-local customers to whom I am shipping my granola. (Unfortunately I was unable to find a safe way to ship my fruit tarts as also requested).

So, what's the plan for the fall and winter?

I'm currently looking into more shops and restaurants to supply my cakes and fruit tarts with, as well as retail stores to sell my granola. I've applied to winter farmers' markets in both Waterbury and Burlington. I'm also putting together dessert catering menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hopefully things will continue to go well as I expand Le Petit Lapin.

So, there's your update on Le Petit Lapin. I should now have more time to post pics and recipes, so watch this space for some ideas on fall baking! Next few entries....personal orange-pecan pies, brioche, chocolate truffles and french macaroons !!!

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