Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Products in the works

The main task I am working on right now is finding suppliers of high quality bulk ingredients as well as finding and perfecting unique recipes that transport and store easily. I'm also looking into purchasing tables, storage containers, a tent, packaging supplies and display cake domes. Oh,and there's also all that fun insurance and tax info that needs to be sorted. Woo. Thank goodness someone else is workin on the logo.

As of right now, these are my standbys, products I know I can make well and taste great:

1. French Madeline
2. Iced Butter Cookies
3. Spiced Palmiers
4. Rosemary Apricot Sandwich Cookies
5. Victoria Sponge Cake
6. Battenberg Cake
7. Cinnamon Chocolate Cake
8. White Chocholate Grapefruit Truffles
9. Linzer Cookie
10. Hazelnut Meringues
11. Sea Salted Peanuts

And things I am working on are:
1. Neapolitan Cookie
2. Chocolate Financier
3. Really, really great chocolate chip cookie
4. Pear Pecan fruit tartlettes
5. Cloister Crescents

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