Friday, April 23, 2010

Apricot Rosemary Sandwich Cookies

To be completely honest, I hadn’t read any sort of food blog until four months ago. It all started when I was given a laptop at work. There was a link on the internet toolbar called 'butternut squash'. I spent my first month wondering where this link led, but I never dared to follow where it may lead. You never know what butternut squash could be a euphemism for. A month later when I was given my desk (yes, I was sitting at a table in the sec’s office for one month), I finally had enough privacy to to click the link during a spare minute.

No porn. Just a link to a butternut squash recipe in a food blog. Yum! I searched the blog a bit and ended up on the ‘blogs I follow’ page, and I sent the link to myself. Later that night, I perused the various blogs. I had no idea there was such a wealth of professional-level food blogs written by ‘non-chef’, normal people. I spent the following weeks surfing through blogs, and copying all the recipes I was eager to try.

I have one favorite blog in particular. The author is a French woman living in the US who creates some of the most beautiful and delicious looking pastries, cakes and cookies I have ever seen. In addition to creating exquisite food, her photographs and food styling are better than most food magazines. Besides the wish to reach into my computer screen and eat all her creations, I want to bake every single recipe on her blog. For some reason I never did. Her recipes generally call for ingredients I simply don't have and will never use in another recipe. And if it's not an ingredient, it's a pan I don't own and would never use again.

In my quest to find interesting cookie recipes, I scanned her entire blog a few weeks ago and came across a Rosemary Apricot Sandwich cookie recipe. Minus having fresh rosemary or cornmeal (neither of which is too exotic to discount their purchase) I had all the ingredients for the recipe as well as the baking equipment. I was intrigued by the flavor combination and decided to give it a go.

It was a fairly simple recipe to follow. The only consideration was my lack of cookie cutters as I hadn't brought them to VT yet. So I used a glass to cut the cookies out, and I used the screw lid from my Sig Bottle for the hole in the tops. This slowed the process down quite a bit since neither have a sharp edge like of a cookie cutter which slices cleanly through dough.

The end product was a delicious cookie. The rosemary and apricot jam taste fabulous together and it's a combination that's different from anything I've ever had before in a cookie. The cookies stayed fresh for about four days and stored easily, which is perfect for baking for markets.


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