Friday, July 16, 2010

At Long last!

At long last, an entry!

Before I dive into the trials and triumphs of Le Petit Lapin, it’s about time to reflect on my recent trip to England and France, to visit Sam. I spent one week in Peterborough, UK, followed by a week and a half in Nice and a weekend in London.

We accomplished a lot of different things over a short period of time. There's really too much to go into all details, so instead I thought I would share some photos highlighting different parts of the trip....

Sam and I had a Royal Champagne Tea for two at the Orangery in Kensington Palace gardens.

We also enjoyed many foil wrapped picnics of jam sammies and bananas on park benches.

We roamed the infamous fruit, flower and vegetable markets lining the Cours Saleya in Nice buying vegetables, cheese and meat to cook for dinner. We also enjoyed the one euro sparkling rose from Monoprix.

We lounged on Paloma Beach, a beach frequented by the likes of Jack Nickelson and Tom Cruise (as well as a lot of old, fat Italian men in Speedos).

We went hiking in Saint Etinee-de-Tinee to burn off all the cheese and make up for all the beach lounging.

I sat around in Peterborough, UK, while Sam went to work (this was far too much fun to take pictures to document).

I fell asleep on the couch every night while Sam did the dishes. Coincidence??

We walked the grand prix circuit in Monaco, counted expensive cars and shopped at Hermes Monaco (and after Hermes we sat in the grass and ate more foil wrapped sammies. Prioritizing).

We took pictures of men in thongs. Tee-hee-hee.

Sam sat in the shade while I lounged in the sun, as per usual.

We took a day trip to Italy.

It was charming, hahaha.

And that's about it I suppose. Time for another vacation yet??


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